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Device that can convert any text into braille language through scanning it by a camera built in the device which will lead you directly to the text.


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About Us

A TEAM of six members derived by passion to reach the potential and offer a solution for one of the most sophisticated problems nowadays which is vision impairment

Co-founder: Mahmoud AbuTaqiya
Co-founder: Abdalrahman Ghazal
Co-founder: Saifelddeen Hatim
Co-founder: Mohamed Alhammadi
Co-founder: Jingru MA
Co-founder: Faraj AlFaraj


We believe of a connected world, one soul, that we empower the visually impaired to think for themselves, be independent in the outsider world, enroll normally in society’s activities and reach their full potential.


Since we believe in the independency of visually impaired people, we will provide them with the right tool for that. A tool that will help them independently read anything, anytime, and anywhere.

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